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About Our Company
Evershining Ingredient Co., Ltd.

Evershining Ingredient Co., Ltd. was established since 1999 by the co-operative investment of Thai and Taiwanese investors. Evershining is the first company in Thailand to develop Biotechnology Fermentation of raw feed material by utilizing Microbe. We specialize in producing fermented feed ingredient from soy bean meal and other grains. Thus, increase efficiency of digestion and absorption, as a result eradicate and reduce anti-nutrient substance.

Fermented Soya Protein is a high quality protein source for animal, such as young animal and aquatic animals. Evershining focuses on the use of protein source in animal feed by replacing fish meal, skim milk, milk replacer and Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC). Fermented soy protein can be use in the various kinds of feeds, such as, pig feed, fish feed and shrimp feed etc.

Evershining aims to improve and develop more categories of products. We also emphasize on producing high quality and safety feed ingredient as an alternative to help economize the capital and increase efficiency of production.




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